Vehicle Charging Stations

You can’t always count on your next destination to have an electric car charger. That’s why an at-home vehicle charging station is the only way to go. And who better to install it for you other than the certified electricians at Kirkland Electric Inc? Contact (951) 780-6822 to schedule your authorized installation.

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Charge Your Car at Home with an EV Charger

Electric cars aren’t just a fad. They’re not an obnoxious luxury item like a Rolls Royce or Mercedez Benz, either. They’re an investment in the future. Not just your future, but the planet’s future. They’re better for the environment, their maintenance costs are low, and they’re often more compact than other vehicles.

Unfortunately, not everyone has caught up with the 21st century. Some days, finding an available EV charger in your community is a lost cause. Some people who are unable to find one nearby have to charge their car miles away from their home or office.

That’s where we come in. We’re certified electricians who spend our days diagnosing, repairing, retrofitting, and inspecting electrical systems of all types. What’s more, we’re one of the few electricians in the community who know how to install and maintain Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS).

Authorized to Install Bosch Electric Vehicle Chargers

Maybe people are used to seeing EVCS chargers in public parking areas or company parking lots, but that’s it. You might think that for a home to have one there’d be a lot of electrical handiwork to be done, but think again.

Though few low-voltage electricians might be familiar with these charging systems, we’re more than familiar. In fact, we’re authorized installers of the many Bosch charging systems! Chargers like the Bosch EV200 are the manufacturer-recommended chargers for most North American vehicles. They’re compact, user-friendly, weather-resistant, and can be integrated into any household no matter the state of your electrical wiring.

Free In-Home Consultations for Vehicle Charging Stations

To ensure a successful installation, one of our state-certified technicians will come to your home or business and inspect your electrical setup. So long as your home has the standard accessible 120-volt outlets, you’ll be good to go. For a faster charge, you might want to set up your charger on a 240-volt outlet—the same electrical circuit your dryer or oven relies on.

We’ll leave no stone unturned during the inspection and installation process. We will consider:

  • Your electrical panel’s current capacity (100-amp or 200-amp)
  • Whether direct-wiring or plugged-in is the best approach
  • If your panel has an available 240-volt circuit

The Sustainable Approach to Owning a Vehicle Charging Station

We know that the electric car is the correct and sustainable choice, but it doesn’t come without a little extra effort. Thankfully, we’re here to make the transition from a gas guzzler vehicle to an energy-efficient one as seamless as possible. Our installation process and step-by-step instructional walk-through of the charger will be all you need to get your vehicle on the road.

If you’d like to request our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (951) 780-6822.