Commercial Lighting in Chino Hills

Parking lots are necessary when it comes to your business. Not only do you need sufficient space to accommodate your customers, but you need plenty of ample lighting too.

At Kirkland Electric Inc we understand how important it is to have proper lighting distribution for the security of the building, its workers and customers, which is why we are the leading parking lot lighting specialists in the Chino Hills area.

Parking Lot Lighting

Kirkland Electric Inc knows that maintaining proper light levels in and around commercial parking lots is vital when it comes to safety and security. Regular maintenance should include inspecting light poles and fixtures because weather conditions and normal wear and tear can compromise the efficiency and integrity of the parking lot lights.

By calling Kirkland Electric Inc for your Chino Hills business parking lot, you will enhance security, therefore strengthening your business and the relationship with your customers. Not only does proper lighting make the parking lot better, but it helps guide your clients to your front doors.

Our Parking Lot Lighting Services include:

  • Repair, Installation and Maintenance
  • Solar and LED installations available
  • Interior, Exterior and General Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Lighting design
  • Combined with an interior preventative maintenance program
  • A dedicated “Parking Lot Lighting” preventative maintenance program
  • Set up and maintained by an on-call basis

Interior Lighting

The experts at Kirkland Electric Inc provide light fixtures in your interior business that are top of the line, and we ensure that they will be working at peak capacity. We have the knowledge, the manpower and the resources to get the job done and we offer a wealth of commercial indoor lighting services that include installation, repair and maintenance services.

At Kirkland Electric Inc, our specialty is to provide impeccable industrial and commercial lighting services to the businesses of the Chino Hills area. Our expertly trained electricians know how to install your new or upgraded light fixtures within the best time frame and for the best price!

Whether you want to update your lights or are working on a new construction project, our professional electricians can provide you with the best advice when it comes to choosing LED or solar lighting systems.

We will also help you with your energy audit and any possible tax benefits you are eligible for, when you install eco-friendly lighting systems

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Your Chino Hills commercial parking lot will brighten up and improve your business with a newly installed lighting system from Kirkland Electric Inc We guarantee top of the line quality products, installation and service from our staff. Let your lights shine bright with Kirkland Electric Inc